Cigar Box Portraits
Cigar Box Portraits
Gilbert A. Bernal Jr. multimedia artist, photojournalist, and visual storyteller created and worked in various mediums for years.  Currently, Gilbert is a student at CSUN in the CTVA (Cinema Television Arts) Program set to graduate in Spring 2020. This site combines all Gilbert's work across mediums from photography, video, illustrations, and paintings.  This body of work is a collection stemming from 2003. Enjoy
Video Production
Pro Audio 
High quality video production for short film, episodic, features, private individuals, corprate events, commercials, promotions,  

Cigar Box Portraits are designed using mixed medium which consist of Sharpie, Whiteout and illustration markers. Each piece is sealed with a matte finish to preserve the art work. The image will never fade, wash off, chip or smudge. All work is guaraunteed and backed by a  warranty.